Tondo Pantocrator #401

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Christ is blessing whit right hand, His fingers hand forming the Greeg letters «IC XC » wich is the abbreviation for « Jesus Christ ». His blessing hand is turned inward asif to remind us that he is the Great Blessing, granting us opportunity to repent and inherit eternal life.


Christ is traditionally shown whit a short beard and long hair parted in the middle. His expression is serious, but not whitout mercy.   Christ’s outer robe is blue, to symbolize His humanity which he put on in his incarnation, and his inner robe is red, to represent his divinity that he always was in eternity. In Christ's faded halo are the greek letters for "I am" to remind us that he is the Saviour of the whole world and the giver of all life who created us in his divine image which was before all ages.


Please note minor differences are possible but you will be provided pictures of the actual icon you are receiving.

Size: 41cm  diameter   16 inches  diameter


The icon is painted on wood panel. For the halo, and background icon, it was used golden leaves. The icon is varnished with couple of layers to assure a long lasting image and to make it easy and safe to clean it from dust. The back is varnished with darker tone semi transparent for a nice finish.