Theotokos #207

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The Virgin Mary bends her head here in a sweet embrace whit her Son as their cheeks touch tenderly. His left hand reaches behind her neck and around to her chin and His rignt hand reaches out towards her shoulder in an intimate and loving embrace, for the Lord loved His mother exceedingly. This is no wonder, for we too have her as a profound example of love, devotion, care, and obedience towards God without limits or merely human considerations. She was faithful to Him as she prayed eamestly in love that the Saviour of all come to save His People even befor santified by His life and Passion after He ascended into Heaven.


Please note minor differences are possible but you will be provided pictures of the actual icon you are receiving.

Size: 28cm X 41cm     11 X 16 inches


The icon is painted on wood panel. For the halo, and background icon, it was used golden leaves. The icon is varnished with couple of layers to assure a long lasting image and to make it easy and safe to clean it from dust. The back is varnished with darker tone semi transparent for a nice finish.