How We Make Icons

It is a long and laborious work to create an icon worthy of reverence. First the iconographer partially paints / the features of the character on a wooden panel. At that point, the work is not entirely completed since it will be subsequently reworked. The iconographer then works on the wood panel to give it an already aged appearance, and a dye is also applied to the back. A reproduction of this work is then glued on wood to make it conform to the original work. Subsequently one of the artist completes the work to give it a unique character. The brass sheet is finely deposited on the icon for embellishment and the inscription in Greekletter is affixed. Finally, the seal is melted at the back of the icon to attest our work. An icon should never be signed, since we firmly believe that it is God who is the author of it and that we are only the instruments of our Lord.