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Known among Byzantine works from the 9th century and 10th century, this type of icon is widely used during the twelfth century to the fifteenth century. This iconography refers to the deisis compositions in which the Virgin Mary addresses a supplication to her son Jesus Christ for humanity. This allows him to add the name of Intercessor (Zastoupnitsa). The representations of the Mother of God in the Byzantine Deisis are, moreover, classified as Agiosoritissa by the Russians. In the Greek tradition, such icons are also called Paraklesis (invocation, prayer) because they represent the Virgin Mary carrying in her hand a scroll, on which is written the text of the prayer to her son.

Please note minor differences are possible but you will be provided pictures of the actual icon you are receiving.

Size: 28cm X 38cm     11 X 16 inches

         28cm X 38cm     11 X 15 inches

         28cm X 46cm     11 X 18 inches



The icon is painted on wood panel. For the halo, and background icon, it was used golden leaves. The icon is varnished with couple of layers to assure a long lasting image and to make it easy and safe to clean it from dust. The back is varnished with darker tone semi transparent for a nice finish.